Many Ways to Volunteer


With numerous competitions a year and many unique fundraisers, there is always an event for you to volunteer.   Whether you want to become a coach, volunteer in our state office, officiate games, become a medical volunteer, other specialized fields, or just come out for one event a year, we have something for you at Special Olympics Louisiana!

Volunteer for State Events

Special Olympics Louisiana hosts numerous state events. These events feature intense competitions and every four years serve as the stepping-stone for our athletes to move on to USA Games and then progress to World Games.  Volunteers are needed for set up, escorting athletes, scoring, timing, officiating, medical, etc.  Please click here to see a list of our state games and register to attend.

Volunteer for Area Events

Before our athletes compete on the state level they have to first compete at the area level.  Many volunteers are needed for these events and all serve a vital role. Volunteers are needed for set up, escorting athletes, scoring, timing, officiating, medical, etc.  For area or parish events, please contact your Area Team Leader.

Volunteer as a Coach

Coaching is a great way to volunteer.  Coaches work with one or more athletes to train and prepare athletes for parish, area, and state level events.  Coaches will be required to fill out a Consent for Background Investigation, Concussions Training, General Sessions Quiz, and complete Protective Behaviors Training, along with attending trainings for each sport they would like to coach.  To get started, please click here.

Volunteer as a Unified Partner

Unified Partners serve a vital, yet fun role within Special Olympics Louisiana.  Partners compete right alongside our athletes in sports such as, basketball, bowling, flag football and more!  To get started, contact your Area Team Leader.

Volunteer as a Team

Do you want to get your company or organization involved with your community?  Find out if your company offers a volunteer program to emphasize community involvement.   Special Olympics Louisiana encourages you to gather a group of friends or co-workers and register to volunteer today!

Volunteer as an Intern

Build your portfolio while helping a state wide organization.  Computer skills are required.  Internships available in Accounting, Broadcast, Clerical, Event Planning, Fundraising, Event Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Recruiting, Technology, Sports & Competition, etc. Contact us for more information on interning. 

Other Ways to Volunteer

We have more opportunities for you to volunteer than competitive events.  You can join one of our Area Management Teams, assist our Clinical Directors for Healthy Athletes, help with our fundraisers, or assist with various tasks with our state office.  There is something for YOU at Special Olympics Louisiana!

Volunteer Today!

Now that you know what we offer, it's time to start!  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can e-mail us.
If you have a skill not listed that you think may be of help to Special Olympics, please call us at 1-800-345-6644 or send us an e-mail.

Confirm Service Hours

If you would like a confirmation of service hours for your school or civic organization please email us. 

A Big Thanks To Our Partners!

How to Become a Partner
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