Parishes Served:

Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, Vermillion

Acadiana Area Management Team:

Title   Name Email Address Phone Number
Area Team Leader   Teri Hagius 337-654-0080
Area Sports Coordinator   Brodie Russo  
Area Sports Coordinator   Mike Rhodes  
Volunteer Coordinator   Charmaine Welborn  
Administrative  Coordinator   Bekah Russo  
Community Coordinator   Nakeetha Savoy  
Family Coordinator   Vanessa Linkhart  
Fund Raising Coordinator   Melanie Robillard  
Fund Raising Coordinator   Radonna Leonberger  
Acadia Parish Leader   Lana Lejeune  
Evangeline Parish Leader   Rhodonna Fontenot  
Iberia Parish Leader   Cindy Landry  
Lafayette Parish Leader   Monique Burdin  
St. Landry Parish Leader   Marilyn Collins  
St. Martin Parish Leader   Mike Hebert  
St. Mary Parish Leader   Steve Harris  
Vermillion Parish Leader   Ellen Arceneaux   
Vermillion Parish Leader   Mary Pat Lachaussee  
Vermillion Parish Leader   Marietta Clark  
Lafayette Parish
Administrative Committee

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Area calendar

2018 State Fall Classic

This is a state event for all areas. Male and female athletes from across the state will compete in Swimming, Horseshoes, and Softball.

Camp Shriver Lafayette

Camp Shriver Lafayette will take place Monday, June 18th, through Friday, June 22nd,  from 9am-2pm. This camp will feature athletes and partners from the Evangeline, St. Landry, Acadia, Lafayette, Vermillion, Ibera, St. Martin, and St. Mary Areas. To learn more about Camp Shriver and to register, please speak with your area coordinator.

A Big Thanks To Our Partners!

How to Become a Partner
  • 1000 East Morris Avenue
  • Hammond, LA 70403
  • Phone: (985) 345-6644
  • Toll Free: (800) 345-6644 (in Louisiana)
  • Fax: (985) 345-6649
  • Email: